04/14 - Crow Canyon I GP

Round 1 of the Mid-East Racing Promotions will be the only chance in 2023 for avid racers to race at the storied Crow Canyon Motorsports Club. This venue has hosted every motorcycle event under the sun. Motocross, GNCC, Harescrambles, Bike Demos, Sprint Enduros and more. A rider and fan favorite each year. 

05/26 - Beans GP

Beans Bike Park located in Dennison, Ohio plays host to the second round of the Mid - East Racing Promotions Grand Prix Series. Home track of former factory rider and Ohio Motocross legend Brock Sellards. The hilly circuit at Beans provides flowing old school natual terrain motocross with the best prep in the state. Linked to an additonal 70 acres of woods with freshly cut trail - the Beans Bike Park GP will challange you. Bring your skills to the hills.

07/21 - Western Reserve GP

One of the nation's oldest running motorcycle clubs - Western Reserve MC will host round three of the 2024 Grand Prix Series. The property at WRMC provides excellent tie in points for the motocross into the woods loop and will provide a new and welcome challenge for MERP racers. The relatively flat terrian will make for long and flowing trail sections tied in with an excellent motocross track.

08/25 - Muskingum County Speedway GP

Muskingum County Speedway will host the most unique GP course of 2024. The well known Dirt Track hosts massive events in the 4-wheel world and is looking to expand to the two wheel market going forward. Without a typical motocross track racers can expect a classic woods loop with some old school style grass track. Think along the lines of a vintage motorcycle days track. Lots and lots of turns - you know the old saying. Jump for show - corner for dough. There's a chance we even grab some gears on the dirt track? Maybe? Maybe! 

09/15 - Honda Hills GP

Honda Hills is a legacy facility located in Thornville, Ohio. A staple in the southern Ohio motocross scene since 1969. Honda Hills hosted several of the early Trans AMA series races - this would later become AMA Pro Motocross. Some of the earliest professionally sanctioned motocross events took place at HH. This is hallowed ground in the motocross community. Honda Hills closed in 2005 - typically when the gates close on a motocross facility it means the end. Levi Baker and his team began to revive HH in 2021 and last year for the first time in 17 years hosted a motocross race. We are beyond excited to host an event at this storied facility and take our series to one of the oldest facilities in the United States to continue to make more memories racing our motorcylces.

10/13 - Crow Canyon II GP

If any facility has the space to hold two GP's in a year - the 400 acres of Crow Canyon would be the one. One venue with two different courses - champions will be crowned at the final round of the 2024 Grand Prix Series. Under the circumstances - massive shout out to the folks at Crow Canyon for having in for two GP's!