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2024 Rule Book

NO PIT RIDING – No riding around in the pits. A first gear idle is only allowed when traveling to and from starting line and rider MUST ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. Racers you are in charge of pit crews and we are cracking down for 2024. No one under the age of 16 is to ride their machine through the pits area. Once your race is over, park your machine.

Any rider riding his machine before registering for the race and/or after your race is over may be disqualified or the bike will be parked at the sign up trailer until the rider is preparing to leave.

Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew. Any unnecessary trouble caused by these individuals puts their rider at risk of disqualification or being asked to leave the premises.

A competitor who rides in a manner that endangers officials, other riders, or the spectators will be subject to immediate disqualification from the event by officials.

Rider contact – ramming, blocking, or any intentional contact made by one rider to another while on the course or while on the premises during the day of the event, will be subjected to penalty to their finished time.


If you bring pets, they must be secured at the vehicle during the entire event. We are not liable for dogs on the track. If you have to walk the dog, it must be on a leash at all times.

Keep your children with you at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions. If caught destroying the track or property, you and the child could be asked to leave. It is not safe to allow your children to walk the track without you.

Examining the Course 

Racers are permitted to walk or cycle the course before the races begin. NO PIT BIKES will be allowed to preview the course - if caught the racer will automatically be disqualified from the event. Walking, electric bicycles, mountain bikes, gravel bikes etc are acceptable means to preview the course. Once racing has started no one will be allowed on the race course.  Surron, Pit Bikes and any other non pedal assist vehicle is not permitted to preview the course.

Rider Registration

No rider under the legal age of 18 may compete without the written consent (signature on the liability releases and entry forms) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the meet. A parent must come to registration with any rider under the age of 18 years.

To participate in any event with the Mid-East Racing Promotions series, each participant must:

Pay entry fees to receive helmet stickers, transponders, and any other items

Mid East Racing Promotions does not provide medical insurance. Please have your own insurance before signing any waivers to race.

Anyone coming to register for the race must have their arm band /stamp from the gate visible in order to be signed up. No armband/stamp no registering.

Sign up opens at 7:00am. Please be signed up at least thirty (30) minutes prior to race time.

Any rider under the age of 21 may have to supply a photo I.D. to sign up.

Again, all participants (riders) under the age of 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present at sign up to sign entry forms – Youth Release Form and Release of Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. If no parent or legal guardian is with you, you must have a NOTARIZED statement from a parent giving permission to another legal adult to sign for you and seek medical care for the rider if necessary.

Parents must come with the rider to sign up at EVERY Race. No Parents, No Racing.


We will not force any racer in A class to move up to PRO CLASS the following year. We do require the top racer in the C class from the previous season to advance a class from where they raced in previous season. We also suggest but do not require the second place and third place racers move from C to B , and B to A. If you feel you should not move up or have a concern please contact us at 330-987-2498 or by email

A rider may protest to move to a lower class if they feel they are not capable of competing in the higher class. No rider will be able to move after having raced four races already in a particular class. Each case will be considered individually at a meeting with the organization. We also have the final say in rider advancement.

The rider must be large enough and mature enough to control his/her machine at all times and ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting and dismounting. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider that cannot safely control his/her motorcycle.

If any one that runs C class finishes in the top 20 overall, when there is at least 100 adult entries you MUST MOVE UP a class at the next race you participate in and you will loose all points PERIOD. The only exception is a youth rider that has advanced to an adult class We will not tolerate sand baggers in the C classes. So if you think you may even have a chance to top 20 overall we strongly suggest you don't race in C class!! Mid-East Racing Promotions has final say on all outcomes of the situation.

Age Class - Adult

The riders age on the day of the event determines which class he/she is eligible to ride.

Age Class - Youth & Pee Wee

The riders age as of Jan 1st determines which class he/she is eligible to ride.


Each rider must have a helmet, long-sleeve shirt, pants, and boots that cover the ankles in order to participate in an event.

No rider is allowed to carry an extra storage of gasoline other than what is in their fuel tank while racing.

Riders may get mechanical assistance from their pit crews or spectators while on the course, but must finish the race on the SAME BIKE started on and under the machine’s own power or the physical energy of the RIDER HIM/HERSELF. If towed in through scoring, that lap WILL NOT COUNT.

The machine a rider brings to the starting line is considered their race machine for the event. If any rider is found to be switching machines, their results will be excluded from the race.


There will be NO riding of the course, pit area or any other portion of the property on Friday night of race weekend or the day of the event. (See pit riding rules above).

Riders may walk or ride a bicycle around track prior to racing. Only race officials are permitted to ride on ANY portion of the track day of event or before.

If a rider leaves the track for any reason, the rider must re-enter from the exact location they exited.

The marked course is within 20 feet of all arrows. Anytime double arrows are posted on both sides of the track, riders MUST stay between these arrows. Whenever there are added markers to the trail (ribbon, banners, stakes, hay barrels), rider must stay between these as well. If a rider deviates greater than 20 feet from trail, penalty will be assessed.

If a motocross track is involved in the course, it is required that each rider go over each jump as well as stay on the track, going around all marked turns or a penalty will be assessed.

Any rider encountering a “bottle neck” or “traffic jam” due to track difficulties may deviate from track greater than 20 feet, but must re-enter the course as soon as possible. Upon approaching this section on next lap, rider must follow original trail. Short cutting in these areas will result in a penalty. A “bottle neck” is only defined as a section of the course that becomes impassable due to riders being stuck on difficult terrain.

An official may use his discretion during the race to change any bottleneck from its original track lay-out. Please be alert of this and pay attention when coming upon this particular track location on your following lap.

Marking, cutting, or changing the designated course from its original appearance will be cause for a penalty. Loss of position, loss of lap, or disqualification. Any rider that rides any portion of the track before the start of the race will be assessed a penalty.

Starting Line

No one is allowed on the starting line until after the checkered flag has come out for the previous race.

Each Row will be marked by signs listing that row’s class(es).

Riders must line up between the stakes in their assigned row.

Riders Meeting will be held on the Starting Line before each race.

Any rider that takes off on the wrong row will be penalized one lap.

A rider must be ready when called to the starting line. If a rider is not ready, he is given two minutes to make minor repairs. If not able to make these repairs in the time the starter provides, he is not allowed to start the event.

Race officials check off each rider that is on the starting line, if a rider is not found on the starting line at the time of the race, they will be assessed for a penalty at the end of the race.

All starts are dead engine, except for the PeeWee riders.

E-Bike Modified Start - "The Matt Berger Rule"

E-Bikes including Stark and Surron will be required to start with their right hand on the rear fender in an effort to equalize the playing field for the holeshot. 


All transponders will be loaned to the rider at each event. All riders will need to have a phone number, email, and address on file at registration. All riders must have a transponder, no exceptions. If a rider owns their own transponder they must bring it to registration at every event. After every rider crosses the finish line they must enter the Transponder Return Area. 

All rented transponders must be returned by the rider. If a rider leaves the race early they will be responsible for returning the transponder to registration. If a transponder is not returned the rider will be invoiced at full retail value ($100.00) or must return the transponder in a timely manner. If returning a transponder becomes a problem the rider will be charged full retail at future Mid-East Racing Promotions events. All riders will be held responsible for lost or damaged transponder.

Tech Inspection

Each rider will be required to run their machine by tech inspection prior to heading down for their race - this is to ensure transponders are working properly for the scoring system.


Have your transponder mounted securely to your motorcycle or person. All riders are responsible for mounting their transponder. If a transponder is left off the Bike the rider will not be scored. The following instructions should be followed when installing your transponder.

When riding through scoring hold your head in the forward direction to allow the back up score personal to record your helmet number.

Enter the “scoring loop” in an orderly, single line fashion. Absolutely no passing of a moving rider will be tolerated in the scoring zone. Once a rider passes the finish line they must remain in a single line fashion until they have cleared the scoring tent. ANY RACER COMING INTO SCORING TO FAST OR PASSING ANOTHER RIDER WILL BE PENALIZED A MINIMUM OF 2 MINUTES FOR THAT LAP.

Do not yell at the scoring officials, or hold your bike revved up. This does not get you out any faster. When leaving the scoring area, do not roost the workers intentionally. Leave in an orderly manner. You have miles of track to hold it open!! 

The scoring tent is not a pit stop. Do not stop within the track of the other racers. Pull off the track completely. Do not have pit crews throw water, hold goggles or pit boards out in this area. This is a NO PIT CREW area.

If you hit a scoring official, you will be penalized period! No questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a rider is towed in, the lap does not count.

No passing after the checkered flag to the scoring tent The scanner will score the rider in the order that you crossed the finish line.

Once the checkered flag goes out, riders are given a reasonable amount of time to complete their final lap. The amount of time does vary depending on the length of the course. This time will be a minimum of fifteen minutes from the time the checkered flag is thrown.

A rider may get assistance on the track from their Pit Crew or spectators, but must cross the finish line under the bike’s own power or by the rider physically alone.

If a rider is towed in from the track, that lap will not count. If the rider is able to get the machine back started during the race, the rider must re-enter the track at the scoring tent.

If in the referee’s opinion, it is necessary to stop an event after 50 percent of the total time has been covered, the race may be considered completed. Riders will be scored according to their position on the lap preceding the one before the red flag.

Protest and Appeals

Once results are posted at registration, there is a twenty minute protest period. If there are any problems seen with results, this is the only time that problems will be corrected prior to handing out plaques. Once plaques are handed out, if any changes are then made to the results, plaques will not be re-collected to be handed out to the proper persons.

All protest, whether of machine, or rule violations, need to be clearly stated in writing and must be accompanied by a cash protest fee for each matter on which protest is made. All protest must be filled with the referee within thirty minutes of the results being posted by the rider. Protest fees are $25.00 unless the protest requires a machine tear down. A machine tear down protest fee shall be $250.00. $150.00 to the rider if he/she is not found in violation and $100.00 to the promoter for doing the tear down.


Results will be posted no later than Tuesday evening and you will have until 8:00 p.m. the Wednesday after the race weekend with any scoring issues. Reach out on facebook or instagram with any questions. At 8:01 p.m. the Wednesday after the race weekend, RESULTS ARE FINAL and no changes can be or will be made beyond this point. The only way this will be extended is if there is an issue with uploading the results and/or the viewing of the results. There will be a message posted on the website if this occurs. 

Penalties will be assessed by the officials only based on the severity of the offense. Penalties will be assessed by the officials only based on the severity of the offense. 

No one is permitted in the scoring area at any time during the event. If you have a question or protest it must be presented to workers at registration only during the event. Under no circumstances will any interference with the scoring officials be tolerated (NO TALKING TO OR ASKING QUESTIONS). This rule will be strongly enforced.

Awards and Prizes

Awards, and Prizes Awards are guaranteed to first 3 places, then one award for every three riders up to 5th place

Any rider that overalls 2 races with a minimum of 3 Pro riders registered for that race in a season and not in the Pro Class, will have to compete in the Pro Class for the remainder of the season and will lose all points earned in the previous class.

To receive any cash awards for overall positions, you must be registered in the Pro Class for that event.

Pro Class will be paid at least 100% pay back.

First Place – 50%

Second Place – 30%

Third Place – 20%

GP Race Format

Race Format


The goal of the coarse is to have it be 2-3 miles in total length. It will consist of different types terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obstacles, grass tracks, and other off-road challenges.


All classes will have one Moto. Race will be timed. The race will end when; the leader of the moto is scored no sooner than 30 minutes. The end of the race is signified by the display of the checkered flag. Race durations can be adjusted based on course length in order to maintain race day schedule. This will be done at the discretion of the head of scoring and is determined by the lap times of the course.


Series Championship Points

In order to be eligible for championship series points and awards, The best 5 out of 6 finishes will count toward season end points. No mimimum number of races required. Pro class points count for all 6 rounds. Championship class points will be based on the following point’s schedule: 

Championship class points will be based on the following point’s schedule:

Finish / Points

1- 21

2 - 19

3 - 18

4- 17

5 - 16

6 - 15

7 - 14

8 - 13

9 - 12

10 - 11

11 - 10

12 - 9

13 - 8

14 - 7

15 - 6

16 - 5

17 - 4

18 - 3

19 - 2

20 - 1

21 and back - 0

A rider must have completed at least one lap to receive numerical points for an event. However a DNF does count as an event. Points are based on actual finishing positions at each event.

In the event of a tie breaker: The average finishes for the entire season will determine the winner of the tie breaker.


Motor Vehicle mishaps, in competition or otherwise, can result in injury or death. Motor vehicles should never be used by minors without parental consent or supervision. Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, the referee may disqualify any rider, crew member or family member from a race meet for violation of these rules, insubordination or other actions deemed in the sole discretion of the referee to be detrimental to the race meet and the sport. Such disqualification includes the loss of any rights with regard to the event in question and may results in expulsion from the meet site.